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[1] X5 Firmware chat and discussion area.

[2] I can no-longer connect to my c-line servers after firmware upgrade.

[3] receiver blocking problem solved

[4] does-not-support-us firmware releases different to original!!!

[5] Latest Openbox X5 firmware (NO CHAT, FILES ONLY)

[6] Why we have latest firmware and others don't!

[7] openbox x5 hd hdmi audio not working

[8] openbox x5 hd hdmi audio not working

[9] KD_P9000E_HD_OPENBOX_X5_2015_01_04.zip

Other furmware

x5 file

cant find firmware for x-5 with north american sat list.

openbox x5 not good for north america

Openbox X5 wont update via Internet

Reminder Before Upgrading Firmware

Updated firmware now just reeboting.

Openbox x5 saying on on LCD

Factory Reset openbox X5 = New firmware but rejects 2778 code as invalid = Stuck

NEW Firmware KD_P9000E_HD_XCAM_2014_05_09 (Working PVR)

Opebox x5 hd hanging on ST88 d2h any solution?

youtube causing my x5 to rebpot

Firmware with working Youtube

upgrading firmware

upgrading firmware

X5 security chip added and fix


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