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[1] X5 Firmware chat and discussion area.

[2] I can no-longer connect to my c-line servers after firmware upgrade.

[3] receiver blocking problem solved

[4] does-not-support-us firmware releases different to original!!!

[5] Latest Openbox X5 firmware (NO CHAT, FILES ONLY)

[6] Why we have latest firmware and others don't!

[7] Help soft openbox X5 PVR

[8] openbox x5 hd hdmi audio not working

[9] KD_P9000E_HD_OPENBOX_X5_2015_01_04.zip

Openbox x5 28.03.15 Complete

working Youtube?

openbox x5 not good for north america

Other furmware

x5 file

cant find firmware for x-5 with north american sat list.

Openbox X5 wont update via Internet

Reminder Before Upgrading Firmware

Updated firmware now just reeboting.

Openbox x5 saying on on LCD

Factory Reset openbox X5 = New firmware but rejects 2778 code as invalid = Stuck

NEW Firmware KD_P9000E_HD_XCAM_2014_05_09 (Working PVR)

Opebox x5 hd hanging on ST88 d2h any solution?

youtube causing my x5 to rebpot

Firmware with working Youtube

upgrading firmware


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